About Us

Our mission
Our mission is to enable clients to operate in areas of heightened threat by identifying and mitigating physical and reputational risk.

Our vision
Our vision is to be ranked as the most reliable security and support services company in Africa and to be regarded as a respected company by our employees, clients and competitors.

Embedded solutions
We aim to provide no-nonsense solutions while operating in some of the most challenging environments in Africa.  Our service provision extends beyond simply security and encompasses local transport and driver management, camp management, logistics resupply, community relations and crisis management procedures.
The successful engagement of local communities in infrastructure projects is a vital component of the success of large-scale long-term ventures by investors. The support of local residents for a project, or opposition to it can, in many cases, dictate the project’s success or failure. With this in mind, Venture Risk Management engages with all community stakeholders at early stages to establish clear communication channels and grievance processes, and creates links into local village and district executives, government and the police. This is a vital element of security and helps to preserve value in project development by reducing potential risk and conflict.

Beyond expectations
Venture Risk Management offers a much broader range of services to clients than other security companies have historically provided.  Our experience of working with clients in remote sites is that by providing many logistical services; they are better able to focus on their core business.  This model has proved very successful and has led us to provide clients with a fully integrated range of services.