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  1. International Oil Companies

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    Provision of logistics and security scale-up – IOC

    In mid 2009, Venture Risk Management was approached to by an international oil and gas client to provide them with support services as they established a base in an undeveloped town, with weak infrastructure, ahead of their exploratory offshore drilling programme.

    We were tasked with undertaking threat and risk assessments for the area, preparing the life support infrastructure required to sustain the 200 O&G specialist workers due to be based in the port town and with developing and implementing an appropriate security plan to ensure the safety of all the project staff.

    With a nine month lead time, we oversaw the selection and renovation of appropriate accommodation, established a canteen, sourced sufficient vehicles and drivers trained to international standard, and provided expatriate security and medical personnel to ensure the safety and security of the whole project team.

    At all stages of the project Venture Risk Management staff were mindful of the need to develop trust within the local community and authorities, and the company worked very closely with the key local stakeholders on behalf of the client; succeeding in fostering an excellent reputation locally as an employer, and the client as a responsible IOC.

    We also provided medics to the project who quickly set up a trauma clinic and established the crucial medical evacuation procedures for the several hundred workers involved in the onshore support of the drilling project.

    Provision of wide ranging security and logistics services – IOC

    Venture Risk Management was awarded the contract by an IOC to provide security and driver teams as well as facilities management and catering in a remote part of the country on the basis of our security expertise and long experience of operating in that area.  Our flexibility and ability to deliver results to evolving requirements and our constant ability to recruit, train and professionally manage a team of excellent staff has been well noted.

    We worked closely with the company through a period of rapid change to ensure that their requirements were met consistently without any reduction in service delivery standards.  The company achieved this by ensuring that our management team were constantly on call to provide the in-house security team with our full support, particularly with local information and the speedy recruitment of personnel into new posts as the need arose.  Venture Risk Management has demonstrated a successful track record of a well-run, low risk security solution and as a successful driver services provider.

  2. Mining

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    Cross border journey management and local intelligence – International engineering client

    Venture Risk Management was contracted by an Australia based mining engineering and project management company to support them with local liaison, journey management, security and medics during a complex two-week recce covering Tanzania and Kenya.

    The client was in the region to survey and evaluate a prospective mineral interest and related infrastructure.  The visiting party was an eight strong delegation that was required to travel to some extremely remote areas and to split up at various intervals to spread tasks.  One of the highest risks facing visitors to Tanzania is road travel: Tanzania has among the highest rates of road fatalities in the world. Roads are not generally in good repair and driving and vehicle standards are poor. Crucially, there are no real emergency services available, particularly up-country, should an accident occur.

    We organised the 4×4 vehicle convoy along with experienced drivers able to converse in English; provided a security trained local liaison officer and a paramedic to accompany the team on their trip; and backed this up with in-country briefings on security and health.  Venture Risk Management also supplied required back-up technology such as sat phones, and organised medical evacuation cover in the event of an emergency. The two-week trip passed smoothly – our team successfully protected the clients during a wild cat strike at a site visit in Mombasa and facilitated all cross border documentation and processes as well as providing smooth and safe passage for the entire team.

    Security from exploration camp to fully operating gold mine – Multi-national mining client

    We were appointed as security advisors and providers for a multinational mining firm and were tasked with security management at their gold mine in a very remote area.  The project developed from a small exploration camp to an operating gold mine in less than nine months and we supported the organisation through this period of significant growth and change.  Our key value-add to the project was an exceptionally well-managed and effective security department, able to respond to the changing demands of the project throughout the construction phase and into the production phase. Throughout the project we provided community relations officers, camp facilities and staff, security personnel, drivers, dog handlers and investigators.

    With many artisanal miners in the area and mindful of our 360 holistic approach to security,  our security procedures were backed up by a strong element of community relations planning and implementation – tight liaison with the local community, close contact with regional authorities and local stakeholders together with regular communication with the client.


  3. International Oil Companies

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    With the discovery of oil in Kenya and Uganda and with vast quantities of natural gas found off the coasts of Tanzania and Mozambique, East Africa is increasingly being viewed as the world’s next frontier for oil and gas exploration and production.  The size of the discoveries has raised the likelihood of the region hosting its first liquefied natural gas plant and the region’s resources have been attracting the interest of the world’s oil and gas majors. However, infrastructure is often lacking, security poor, and the onshore and offshore challenges of operating in the region are many.  Added to that, the vast levels of investment required by IOCs entering the region means that the need to manage risk and implement appropriate risk management measures are high.

    Venture Risk Management has solid experience of working with some of the world’s largest oil companies.  With in-depth knowledge of the particular challenges of operating in eastern Africa and with a good understanding of the international standards required, we have supported IOCs throughout various stages of development.

    Services provided by Venture Risk Management to IOCs include:

    • Risk and threat assessments
    • Security planning
    • Premium manned guarding
    • Maritime security
    • Technical support
    • Emergency procedure planning
    • Land transport management systems
    • Provision of trained drivers
    • Logistics
    • Field camp support and catering
    • First Aid training

    Case studies

  4. Maritime

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    Maritime security implementation – International petroleum company

    Venture Risk Management received a short notice request to arrange an armed team of Tanzania People’s Defence Force (TPDF) with expatriate security coordinators to support an American petroleum company in the movement of two vessels from their concession offshore Mozambique to Kenya. We were able to immediately gain approval from TPDF and began planning for the movement of a mixed local and expatriate 12 man team from Dar es Salaam to Mtwara.

    We moved the team securely on some 500km on poor roads, arranged overnight accommodation in Mtwara and a vessel to transport the team out to the two ships. An RV was arranged offshore Mtwara and the team deployed where they established a passage security plan and detailed response procedures with the Masters and Crew. During the transit the vessel was tracked and the team were provided with intelligence updates from our management team.

    The transit continued without incident to the Kenyan border where a second Venture Risk Management vessel met with the ships and cross-decked the team returning them back to the mainland. The client was able to transit Tanzanian waters with minimal risk exposure at very short notice and without any time loss on their schedule. This was due to excellent operational and logistics procedures and arrangements in place.

    Maritime security risk assessment, unarmed escort and response planning – International seismic company

    We were tasked by an international seismic company to provide maritime security services to a survey project off the East African coast. The first phase of the project involved ensuring the safety of a low sided, slow survey vessel in transit across the Indian Ocean. To meet this challenge, one of our senior risk consultants was initially tasked to conduct a detailed intelligence-driven passage risk assessment of the vessel’s intended transit from Indonesia to Tanzania.

    A passage security plan and detailed response procedures were produced and an unarmed Maritime Security Team (MST) deployed to provide embarked security assurance. The MST conducted an on-board ship vulnerability assessment and subsequently assisted the crew with the implementation of best management practices, which included vessel hardening, the training of the crew in security awareness and the coordination of anti-piracy emergency drill exercises.

    During the transit, the vessel was constantly tracked and provided with regular information and intelligence updates on the prevailing security threat. At one point in the transit, a pirate mother vessel was identified operating in the area and the intelligence provided enabled the decision to select an alternative route to avoid the threat. Concurrently there was the need to project manage the coordination of movement of three security escort vessels. These vessels were tracked from Muscat and Durban to Dar-es-Salaam, where they all married up and made preparations to provide an armed security exclusion zone over the data acquisition phase of the project.

    To facilitate the data acquisition operation, our MST members of each vessel were integrated with an embarked armed government security force naval detachment. The vessels were deployed in formation to maintain a high level of vigilance, early warning and to impose and maintain the exclusion zone.

    A robust security plan and procedures were developed to support the operation, which incorporated the rules on use of force, ensuring that the progressive escalation of applied force was appropriate and proportionate. Our MST also mentored the government naval detachment and coordinated emergency drills, which gave the crew the confidence and ability to conduct their operations successfully and without interruption.

  5. Mining

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    Eastern Africa is endowed with many mineral resources: from gold to coal, nickel to uranium, diamonds and other precious stones.  As more and more firms enter the region to invest in exploration and production of these minerals, so resource nationalism intensifies.  Among the challenges faced by the sector in eastern Africa are the logistics required in even getting to some of the concession areas, life support whilst there, conflict between small-scale miners and international investors, systematic theft on a grand scale especially involving diesel, and the protection of the company’s staff and assets from both environmental and physical threats.

    Our management team and project consultants have a wealth of experience in supporting mining companies throughout the life cycle of projects in Africa.  We have a highly professional approach to community relations planning and management, believing it to be at the heart of security solutions on mine sites.

    Services provided by Venture Risk Management to international mining companies include:

    • Risk and threat assessments
    • Security planning and implementation
    • Field support services
    • Journey management and liaison
    • Provision of trained drivers
    • Due diligence and local intelligence
    • Community relations advice and management
    • Illegal mining management
    • Premium manned guarding
    • Technical systems planning
    • High value product movement planning

    Case studies


  6. Infrastructure

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    Throughout the countries in which we operate, infrastructure is often lacking. Poor power supply and weak infrastructure are key factors preventing countries in the region moving up the World Bank Doing Business rankings.   Yet for sustained economic development infrastructure needs to be shored up and supported: businesses need ports to run smoothly without incurring financial loss through misappropriation of containers; communications firms need to deliver their services and develop without the threat of security breaches; and roads need to built free from threat of sabotage and diesel theft – to give just a few examples.

    Against this background, Venture Risk Management provides robust comprehensive safety and security solutions to infrastructure projects and installations, and is used to working with multiple stakeholders on a single project.

    Services provided by Venture Risk Management to infrastructure installations include:

    • Risk and threat assessments
    • Due diligence and local intelligence
    • Premium manned guarding
    • Emergency response
    • Technical systems advice

    Case study

  7. Infrastructure

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    Risk analysis and premium manned guarding – Principal country port

    Venture Risk Management was approached to intervene in a deteriorating security situation that the management company at a major international container terminal, was experiencing. Through the deployment of a highly professional and well managed security team we were able to turn around the situation, put in a much more robust security solution and prevent a number of further thefts.

    By implementing a structured supervisory programme we ensured that the security team achieved significant improvements in the integrity of the client’s premises through active patrols and increased diligence, independently verified by the client through surprise checks during night shifts.  This successful service delivery further demonstrates Venture Risk Management’s capability as a professional and reliable security and support services company that delivers to high standards using highly motivated and well managed staff.

  8. Government & NGOs

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    In Africa, and possibly now more so than ever, representing the interests of governments abroad poses a multitude of challenges to envoys and government officials, both from a security and logistical perspective.  By being a reliable risk management and support services provider, Venture Risk Management has enabled diplomatic missions to keep staff and their families safe in high risk areas while simultaneously providing officials with the flexibility to effectively deliver key services.  In times of austerity with security budgets under pressure, the team at Venture Risk Management has experience of providing cost effective but robust security measures to protect government assets of varying scales.

    Meanwhile, the very nature of their developmental work often requires representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to work in high-risk areas which may not be easily accessible. And in a world where aid workers may be the ones to make certain discoveries and where NGOs may not always be viewed as neutral, they now face greater dangers than before in operating in complex environments and in emergency situations.  NGOs are increasingly becoming the focus of attack or kidnap particularly in or near areas of conflict.   We believe that the key to keeping NGO workers safe is to reduce risks through the preventative aspects of security management.  Venture Risk Management is able to support NGOs in many ways; such as assisting in the logistical aspects of humanitarian relief, protecting aid workers in the light of threats against them and managing journeys on hazardous roads.

    Services provided by Venture Risk Management to governments and NGOs include:

    • Risk and threat assessments
    • Security planning
    • Local information gathering and reporting
    • Close protection
    • Journey management
    • Premium guarding
    • Logistics

    Case study

  9. Government & NGOs

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    Journey management and emergency procedures planning for remote area operations – International NGO

    An international NGO with a mix of international and local staff needed to deploy teams to various locations in the region.  The teams’ mission was to run road shows in rural towns and villages to educate as many people as possible in the issues that the NGO was addressing.

    Movement to these remote locations presented significant security and logistical challenges for them.  Venture Risk Management was engaged by the NGO to handle the journey management and security for the road shows. We deployed a team of both Tanzanian and expatriate security specialists as well as qualified medics to provide emergency medical cover.  We also put in place emergency evacuation plans with constant review as the programme developed.

    Venture Risk Management was able to ensure that the NGO successfully achieved its aims safely and efficiently for the duration of the sustained and lengthy programme.  Our involvement meant that the NGO’s employees could operate in high-risk areas reassured in the knowledge that any threat to their safety would be quickly identified and dealt with.  And management at the NGO were able to satisfy themselves that they had provided complete duty of care to their staff in a demanding and challenging environment.  Venture Risk Management has been retained to provide a range of risk management services by the same NGO.