Government & NGOs

In Africa, and possibly now more so than ever, representing the interests of governments abroad poses a multitude of challenges to envoys and government officials, both from a security and logistical perspective.  By being a reliable risk management and support services provider, Venture Risk Management has enabled diplomatic missions to keep staff and their families safe in high risk areas while simultaneously providing officials with the flexibility to effectively deliver key services.  In times of austerity with security budgets under pressure, the team at Venture Risk Management has experience of providing cost effective but robust security measures to protect government assets of varying scales.

Meanwhile, the very nature of their developmental work often requires representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to work in high-risk areas which may not be easily accessible. And in a world where aid workers may be the ones to make certain discoveries and where NGOs may not always be viewed as neutral, they now face greater dangers than before in operating in complex environments and in emergency situations.  NGOs are increasingly becoming the focus of attack or kidnap particularly in or near areas of conflict.   We believe that the key to keeping NGO workers safe is to reduce risks through the preventative aspects of security management.  Venture Risk Management is able to support NGOs in many ways; such as assisting in the logistical aspects of humanitarian relief, protecting aid workers in the light of threats against them and managing journeys on hazardous roads.

Services provided by Venture Risk Management to governments and NGOs include:

  • Risk and threat assessments
  • Security planning
  • Local information gathering and reporting
  • Close protection
  • Journey management
  • Premium guarding
  • Logistics

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