International Oil Companies

With the discovery of oil in Kenya and Uganda and with vast quantities of natural gas found off the coasts of Tanzania and Mozambique, East Africa is increasingly being viewed as the world’s next frontier for oil and gas exploration and production.  The size of the discoveries has raised the likelihood of the region hosting its first liquefied natural gas plant and the region’s resources have been attracting the interest of the world’s oil and gas majors. However, infrastructure is often lacking, security poor, and the onshore and offshore challenges of operating in the region are many.  Added to that, the vast levels of investment required by IOCs entering the region means that the need to manage risk and implement appropriate risk management measures are high.

Venture Risk Management has solid experience of working with some of the world’s largest oil companies.  With in-depth knowledge of the particular challenges of operating in eastern Africa and with a good understanding of the international standards required, we have supported IOCs throughout various stages of development.

Services provided by Venture Risk Management to IOCs include:

  • Risk and threat assessments
  • Security planning
  • Premium manned guarding
  • Maritime security
  • Technical support
  • Emergency procedure planning
  • Land transport management systems
  • Provision of trained drivers
  • Logistics
  • Field camp support and catering
  • First Aid training

Case studies