Case Studies

International Oil Companies

Provision of logistics and security scale-up – IOC

In mid 2009, Venture Risk Management was approached to by an international oil and gas client to provide them with support services as they established a base in an undeveloped town, with weak infrastructure, ahead of their exploratory offshore drilling programme.

We were tasked with undertaking threat and risk assessments for the area, preparing the life support infrastructure required to sustain the 200 O&G specialist workers due to be based in the port town and with developing and implementing an appropriate security plan to ensure the safety of all the project staff.

With a nine month lead time, we oversaw the selection and renovation of appropriate accommodation, established a canteen, sourced sufficient vehicles and drivers trained to international standard, and provided expatriate security and medical personnel to ensure the safety and security of the whole project team.

At all stages of the project Venture Risk Management staff were mindful of the need to develop trust within the local community and authorities, and the company worked very closely with the key local stakeholders on behalf of the client; succeeding in fostering an excellent reputation locally as an employer, and the client as a responsible IOC.

We also provided medics to the project who quickly set up a trauma clinic and established the crucial medical evacuation procedures for the several hundred workers involved in the onshore support of the drilling project.

Provision of wide ranging security and logistics services – IOC

Venture Risk Management was awarded the contract by an IOC to provide security and driver teams as well as facilities management and catering in a remote part of the country on the basis of our security expertise and long experience of operating in that area.  Our flexibility and ability to deliver results to evolving requirements and our constant ability to recruit, train and professionally manage a team of excellent staff has been well noted.

We worked closely with the company through a period of rapid change to ensure that their requirements were met consistently without any reduction in service delivery standards.  The company achieved this by ensuring that our management team were constantly on call to provide the in-house security team with our full support, particularly with local information and the speedy recruitment of personnel into new posts as the need arose.  Venture Risk Management has demonstrated a successful track record of a well-run, low risk security solution and as a successful driver services provider.