Eastern Africa is endowed with many mineral resources: from gold to coal, nickel to uranium, diamonds and other precious stones.  As more and more firms enter the region to invest in exploration and production of these minerals, so resource nationalism intensifies.  Among the challenges faced by the sector in eastern Africa are the logistics required in even getting to some of the concession areas, life support whilst there, conflict between small-scale miners and international investors, systematic theft on a grand scale especially involving diesel, and the protection of the company’s staff and assets from both environmental and physical threats.

Our management team and project consultants have a wealth of experience in supporting mining companies throughout the life cycle of projects in Africa.  We have a highly professional approach to community relations planning and management, believing it to be at the heart of security solutions on mine sites.

Services provided by Venture Risk Management to international mining companies include:

  • Risk and threat assessments
  • Security planning and implementation
  • Field support services
  • Journey management and liaison
  • Provision of trained drivers
  • Due diligence and local intelligence
  • Community relations advice and management
  • Illegal mining management
  • Premium manned guarding
  • Technical systems planning
  • High value product movement planning

Case studies