Case Studies


Cross border journey management and local intelligence – International engineering client

Venture Risk Management was contracted by an Australia based mining engineering and project management company to support them with local liaison, journey management, security and medics during a complex two-week recce covering Tanzania and Kenya.

The client was in the region to survey and evaluate a prospective mineral interest and related infrastructure.  The visiting party was an eight strong delegation that was required to travel to some extremely remote areas and to split up at various intervals to spread tasks.  One of the highest risks facing visitors to Tanzania is road travel: Tanzania has among the highest rates of road fatalities in the world. Roads are not generally in good repair and driving and vehicle standards are poor. Crucially, there are no real emergency services available, particularly up-country, should an accident occur.

We organised the 4×4 vehicle convoy along with experienced drivers able to converse in English; provided a security trained local liaison officer and a paramedic to accompany the team on their trip; and backed this up with in-country briefings on security and health.  Venture Risk Management also supplied required back-up technology such as sat phones, and organised medical evacuation cover in the event of an emergency. The two-week trip passed smoothly – our team successfully protected the clients during a wild cat strike at a site visit in Mombasa and facilitated all cross border documentation and processes as well as providing smooth and safe passage for the entire team.

Security from exploration camp to fully operating gold mine – Multi-national mining client

We were appointed as security advisors and providers for a multinational mining firm and were tasked with security management at their gold mine in a very remote area.  The project developed from a small exploration camp to an operating gold mine in less than nine months and we supported the organisation through this period of significant growth and change.  Our key value-add to the project was an exceptionally well-managed and effective security department, able to respond to the changing demands of the project throughout the construction phase and into the production phase. Throughout the project we provided community relations officers, camp facilities and staff, security personnel, drivers, dog handlers and investigators.

With many artisanal miners in the area and mindful of our 360 holistic approach to security,  our security procedures were backed up by a strong element of community relations planning and implementation – tight liaison with the local community, close contact with regional authorities and local stakeholders together with regular communication with the client.