Crisis Management

Venture Risk Management recognises the need to respond effectively to any emergency and to avoid disruption to clients’ business and operations. With our extensive regional experience, we believe good crisis management has at its core knowledgeable and experience personnel who are able to solve difficult and unique problems through forward planning to minimise the impact to clients and their operations. We work closely with our clients to determine a risk strategy to prevent a crisis occurring, and how to deal with a crisis should one occur.

A well-prepared crisis management plan can save lives, a company’s reputation and mitigate financial loss. We identify all possible adverse and crisis scenarios and the likely consequences and assess the degree of risk to each one.  Venture Risk Management supports clients in responding effectively to a wide range of crises (not limited to):

·         Natural disaster
·         Technological crisis
·         Kidnap and ransom
·         Major accidents
·         Terrorism
·         Humanitarian relief
·         Piracy
·         Civil unrest