Due Diligence & Local Intelligence

Through our due diligence and local intelligence services, Venture Risk Management can assist clients to enter a new region or a new partnership fully informed, armed with all the relevant facts.  This knowledge, gleaned through in-depth research and on-the-ground investigations, can enable clients to manage their reputational risk; assist them in expanding into new business areas; aid business negotiations and legal investigations; and manage security risks while simultaneously meeting regulatory requirements.  We have developed a wide network of local information sources through key relationships within the sector, the police, defence forces, diplomatic contacts and others.  These relationships enable us to gather timely and accurate information which we are then able to feed back to clients with appropriate recommendations where requested.

The knowledge acquired through our investigations and research can prevent clients from making bad decisions, help forecast possible problems or issues and in the process ensure that client’s business reputations are upheld and financial loss evaded.