Risk Management Advisory

Loss of life, assets and reputation can be severely damaging for organisations, regardless of whether they are profit making or not.  This means that managing operational risks and securing personnel and assets are often top of the agenda for businesses and other entities particularly when operating in high risk areas.

Venture Risk Management has considerable experience in recognising the potential threats, risks and difficulties of working in areas of poor infrastructure and diminished local governance throughout eastern Africa.

Our risk management advisory team helps clients to  identify what the specific threats and risks are to a client and their interests, how to mitigate that risk and offers a variety of solutions to do so.  But if incidents do occur, we are able to effectively and reliably respond to that crisis and manage it to ensure minimum impact.

Our approach to designing security models centres on the use of three overlapping approaches: physical security measures, security personnel, and security procedures, all supported by a good local community relationships and communications.

We believe it is often beneficial to adopt a ‘holistic’ approach to security provision, particularly in remote sites, by fully engaging with the local community and garnering their support for the project. Particularly where project sites are situated in remote, potentially hostile areas, the company espouses a 360o CHESS (Community, Health, Environment, Safety & Security) method to its security solutions.
Venture Risk Management maintains a network of a number of security consultants with extensive experience across Africa and can support clients with additional consultants at times of increased activity or heightened threat status in the country.

We have provided consultancy for a number of international clients, among them:

  • International oil companies
  • International mining companies
  • Exploration companies
  • Embassies
  • News agencies
  • Mobile phone companies
  • Seismic firms
  • Risk analysis organisations