Driver Training

Among the greatest risk of injury or loss of life to employees while working in Africa is from vehicle accidents.  The problem is so severe that the WHO has identified road accidents as a major public health risk.

Travel to, from and around remote project sites usually involves driving on roads with multiple hazards that drivers are often not experienced in dealing with.  Drivers’ responses to such hazards are often too late or incorrect because they have not been prepared to respond safely to situations.


Venture Risk Management provides driver training in off-road skills and defensive driving via an experienced and professional team of instructors familiar with driving in Africa.

Our driver training centre and our defensive driver training courses are  accredited by the UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and are compliant with OGP 365 standards. Our instructors, who hold the RoSPA International Diploma in Advanced Instruction, have solid experience of instructing in Africa and their expertise ensures that the lessons taught by us are of direct relevance to this area.

The driver training packages can be tailor made to clients and where necessary, courses can be delivered in the local language to ensure the maximum transfer of knowledge and skills in the time provided.

Our specialised driver training includes detailed hands-on instruction on a variety of terrains in adverse conditions.  We are also able to furnish executives, drivers and other personnel with the skills and awareness needed to deal with an attack on their vehicle, taking appropriate evasive action.