Journey Management

Even for an experienced businessperson, arriving in a new country – especially in the developing world – can feel unnerving.  Points of entry, while newcomers are orienting themselves to unfamiliar surroundings, are attractive targets for criminals.  Venture Risk Management offers a meet and greet service as part of its journey management package.  Our experienced security operatives will meet clients at the airport or other points of entry, provide a security brief once safely in the vehicle and deliver them to their destination.

Many clients opt for an extension of this meet and greet service, especially when they are travelling on hazardous roads to remote locations, and choose us to take care of all the elements of their journey.

We can provide a full hazard and risk assessment of the route, plan the route, organise 4×4 vehicle convoys using well-qualified drivers, and carry out emergency response planning. In addition, given the poor access to quality medical services in most of our areas of operation, we can arrange for a qualified medic to accompany groups.  Many clients also opt for a local liaison officer – also fluent in English – to accompany them and facilitate the smooth running of the journey.