Technical Security Systems

Venture Risk Management provides carefully targeted solutions to meet the ever-increasing focus on applied technology in Africa. The environment is harsh, and our solutions are robust and cost effective, tested to the full and chosen to match the demands of our clients.

Our expertise in information management, investigative processes and data analysis has helped to address and root out criminal activities within organisations, where collusive and syndicated crime can damage reputations, commercial agreements and profitability. We consistently tackle corporate crime through innovative use of technologies and applied knowledge.

For a number of clients we provide in-vehicle monitoring systems able to track and manage vehicle locations, driving standards and movement history and this back-up can play a key role in supporting health and safety requirements.
Identification of access control systems, CCTV, alarms, and physical security measures through a combination of needs analysis, risk assessments and understanding vulnerabilities enable us to provide technical systems to manage property and protect personnel.

We work to ISO 27002 guidelines in managing client information and data.