Medical Support

In most of the areas in which we operate, international standards of medical provision are rarely available. This means that risk to a person’s health is consistently one of the highest risks on many of the risk and threat assessments we carry out.  The danger of being involved in a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is particularly high in the region, which has among the highest RTA rates in the world.

Medical Personnel

Venture Risk Management is able to provide experienced and highly competent medics to work on remote projects where the risk of any injury or illness is higher due to the distances from proper medical attention. Often injuries can require medical evacuation, but the time it takes to organise and implement an evacuation in remote areas can mean the difference between life and death for the casualty. Our medics are trained and experienced in treating and stabilising casualties and providing life saving care during the evacuation process. We also act as an agent for a provider of specialised medical clinics designed specifically for remote project use.

Medical Clinics

In collaboration with internationally recognised health provider Medilink ( /, we are able to establish medical clinics where there is sufficient demand. Our clinics operate 24/7, are staffed by expatriate Doctors (MD) and generally include a consulting room, an emergency trauma management room and an air conditioned fully equipped medical store. An additional expatriate doctor, who is able to provide continuous medical provision in the event that the clinic Doctor is required to travel with a patient, is also provided where required. This dramatically reduces evacuation time as the medevac helicopter or plane will not have to wait for a medic to arrive before it can mobilise. We are also able to provide, equip and staff ambulances.